Breeders of Registered Shorthorn and Angus Seedstock

SIRE: SR Red Riders Drive
DAM: NBS Daphne 42M
MGS: CF Trump X
ASA REG #: *x4179969
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His Dam NBS Daphne 42M
Low Rider Calves:
• Long-bodied, smooth-shouldered
• Avg. birth weight 80 lbs.
• Calve unassisted
• Polled (no horns to date)
• Predominantly red – he fixes spots
Little Cedar Seductive 1430
2014 Michigan Winter Beef Classic
Reserve Supreme Champion Overall
Low Rider daughters averaged
$15,000 in 2014 Revival
RF/LCCC Rose Mary 1414
2014 Revival Sale Topper
NAILE Reserve Division Champion

Little Cedar Cattle Company

Shorthorn and Angus Cattle
Beaverton, Michigan

Steve French: 989-798-8223

Julie French: 989-965-6363