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Little Cedar owns half interest in these two full sisters
bred by Cabaña Santa Cecilia in Argentina.

LEAVE Elvira X1013 ET
ASA #: x42100704
Division Champion and
3rd Overall Female
2014 Exposición Rural de Palermo, Argentina
LEAVE Potrana X1015 ET
ASA #: x42100705
Reserve Division Champion
At the 2014 Revival, our offer of half interest in the flushes of
both heifers was purchased by South River Genetics.
The Argentine genetics opportunity offered at the Revival sale was purchased by Jimmy and Selena McGuire of South River Genetics, Meeker, Okla for $35,000.
L to R: Lynn Ewald, Steve French, Héctor Mario Eyherabide, Julie French, Selena and Jimmy McGuire, Jay Ewald and Francisco Eyherabide
Excerpted from “Argentine Genetics Opportunity” by Chandler Steele, Shorthorn Country, November 2014
“The deciding factor for me was meeting Héctor Mario at the Revival and seeing the excitement he has about his Shorthorn cattle,” said Jimmy McGuire. The Oklahoma couple chose to share in the flush of both females with Little Cedar and Cabaña Santa Cecilia, which will be performed in Argentina in late 2014 or early 2015.

Producers who witnessed the offering at the Revival sale observed the tremendous opportunity to potentially strengthen the foundation of the Shorthorn breed in the U.S. with a new, proven genetic line. The future of Argentine Shorthorn genetics in the United States is powered not only by the tried-and-true success of real world Argentine cattle, but also by the individuals working to share those genetics with American cattle producers.

Alston Polar Star
2011 Grand Champion
Roosmo Matias Star
2013 Grand Champion
Son of Polar Star
Two dominant past Palermo Champions were selected to sire
the flushes – Alston Polar Star and his son Matias Star
Extremely selective regarding the economically important traits of fertility and ruggedness, Hector Mario Eyherabide has worked for more than 50 years at breeding and developing a Shorthorn range bull that would be acceptable in the market, and prove to produce the high quality beef for which the breed was once known.

In 1987 he held his first successful auction of 35 Shorthorn range bulls. By 2001 the demand for his Shorthorn bulls had increased to create a sale offering of 600 Shorthorn bulls. He now markets almost 1,000 bulls each year to commercial producers while producing and selecting high quality seedstock to advance the Shorthorn breed’s place in the competitive and demanding Argentine beef industry. Cabaña Santa Cecilia is still a highly respected and successful show ring competitor at Palermo, nowadays of both Shorthorns and Angus.

“What they are doing with the Shorthorn breed down there has a real place in improving the genetics and the performance of cattle here in the United States. The plan on how to bring those genetics into the United States is exciting and shows the progressiveness of not only Héctor Mario and his son Francisco, but also people like Steve and Julie, who recognize what their cattle have to offer. I am looking forward to big things from this exchange.”
Mike Bennett

President, American Shorthorn Association

“If we can get a great Shorthorn bull out of one of the flushes,” said Steve French, “we intend to make his genetics affordable and available to anyone who wants to use him. Because there is also the desire among breeders in our country to create a Shorthorn bull that will satisfy our commercial market, this one step will bring the dream Hector Mario calls ‘Toro Perfecto’ completely full circle.”

Speaking of his partnership with Steve and Julie French, which now includes Jimmy and Selena McGuire, Eyherabide said, “Life has brought us together because I think we have the same dreams, the same imagination and same creativity itself.”

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